Cars, Girls and a Bit Inbetween

Function or Form

The two are brought up in parallel to each other countless times a day. Whether it be on the forums or events, it seems everyone has to voice there “RIGHT” opinion. The argument of function or form will never die. Everyone will always have their own opinion of the two and what is the “correct” way a car should be built.

The simple fact is, there is no right or wrong way to build your car. You build the car for what YOU like and if someone doesn’t like it, fuck them. We all share a similar interest or love for cars. Why people fail to see this now days is beyond me. Everyone wants to criticize another’s project/vehicle and inform them, “what they did wrong,” or what they would do to “make it proper.” Forums has really helped ruin the car scene in my honest opinion. Too many people on the forums believe they are Guru’s and God’s of form. And that’s what is helping make certain things (ie. wheel fitment craze, jdm parts) so popular.

Myself, personally, am more on the function side of things. I like to have a car that I can drive around. I don’t want to waste a bunch of money on parts that can’t be used to their potential. I own a car to drive it, not hard park it. And I know many others feel the same way. But this is just our opinion.

I respect any vehicle that someone has put time into…for the most part. haha. Of course I will have a few exceptions. And I feel we should all have this same outlook. Like I said at the beginning, we all share an interest in cars; in one way or another, and that is something that should bring us closer together as a community, not push us apart, forcing sides. So be it a show car, track car, a donk (ok, maybe not that one) to an american made car haha, we all got one thing in common, the passion for cars. Let’s keep this community together and make it stronger.

S2000 on Gramlight 57D’s

Phaze 2 Arnels eg on BBS RS chrome plated with 24kg hardware. He may have this sold. I know the wheels are currently on his black eg sedan.

Love this DC. So simple and clean. Sittin on SSR Reverse Mesh.

All for a silver, clean JDM front teg. Vehicle is on CCW Classics

Sheepey’s Civic=Sex

Speed Factory eg. Local shop back home. Best time to date is a 8.89@172mph I believe

Speed Factory eg

Hasport FF class Civic

NRG Tech/Chris Millers Civic

Sportcar Motion FF Class Integra

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  1. Ew for hellaflush….I mean hellagay! lol

    June 30, 2011 at 5:32 am

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