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Want VS Need

We should all know the difference between the two. Want; something we could live without but would love to have in our lives. Whatever it may be, your new big screen tv, guitar, cell get the idea. All things you may already have but just want to “upgrade.” Items that will make our lives more enjoyable, is a good way for me to look at it.
And than there is Need. Things we need to survive; food, a job, water..things that you will mostly see in our every day lives that you physically could not go without.
There isn’t no fine line between the two. It is clear as day. But yet, so many of us have our priorities mixed up. Spending the little money we have on our project cars and limiting the money we spend on food. But hey, it is all for the love of the game right? I’m not telling anyone to change how they spend their money, I am in no position to do so. And I love the people who are willing to rough it to finish their project. We have all read about it, the months to years on Top Ramen so they can fund their build. (Much like me just trying to get by in College right now. haha With my life as the build.) That shows pure love and dedication to me.

I guess my original intention at the beginning of this post was to state that we need to make sure we take care of ourselves before anything else. But after typing, I realize I contradicted myself….and I am a hypocrite on my own. haha. Well now that you know I understand the difference between the two, you think I would be doing the “right thing.” But more than likely, I won’t. Fuck it. 🙂

Bringing me to the conclusion, I have been wanting a Ruckus for quite some time now. And that most certainly falls under my needs. haha. I will be finishing school in September and moving back to my home state of Washington in October and you better bet I will be having a Ruckus project in some time. My Dad told me he wanted a scooter (I still don’t understand why) and I showed him a few stretched Ruckus’. He fell in love and got one. haha. He has already done an extended swing arm, some bars and a few other things. Can’t remember what at the moment. But he is planning on doing the GY6 swap out of the 150cc Ruckus. I’m eager to see how his is going to turn out. And I can’t wait to get one built to go cruise around with my Dad.

You can damn near modify anything on a Ruckus. For me, it falls into my love for Honda’s, auto and bikes. With room for drastic modifications and customization, I can’t wait to see what creative ideas I’m going to have.
For now, enjoy these photos of some bad ass Ruckus’ that I got off Rucksters builds custom Honda Ruckus’ and parts. If you are at all interested in Ruckus’, I recommend checking them out @ And if you aren’t interested now, you may be after these photos.


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  1. is also badass. They have some cool build/picture threads on there. I have wanted one of these for the past 3 years now:)

    June 30, 2011 at 5:30 am

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