Cars, Girls and a Bit Inbetween

Dying Breed?

The world of import drag racing has most certainly died off from what it used to be. (Not that I have ever been super involved.) But I don’t want to see any form of racing die off. We are all a community and it’s events like Import Face Off and simple track days, that brings us together. And to be honest, drag racing is where our community really started; of course the release of “The Fast and Furious” really helped set off our community. (haha. Face palm.)  Think about when you first got into cars; you lined up with your buddies on an abandoned back road just to see who’s car was faster; and for that adrenaline rush. For many of us, local street races at ridiculous hours became an every weekend routine. I bring this up because I have noticed the decrease in popularity in the world of drag racing. Drifting is really starting to take over, and that’s fine. I just don’t want people to forget their roots and where they started. Have respect for all forms of racing and modifications, as WE ALL are the dying breed. With the “Five oh’s” and government cracking down on what modifications we can do and the numerous restrictions we have, we really all need to stick together and keep our community alive and strong. Which brings me to Tony Palo, owner and driver of T1 Race Development and their Integra. Tony Palo is undoubtedly one of the most repeated names in the game of professional drag racing. And why would he not be with a 8.57 trap time down the 1320 at 184mph? He runs in the outlaw class and was the first street Honda to break into the 8’s. Tony and T1 really do help keep this sport alive. I found a few pics of his car to show you guys. Enjoy!

*Maybe I’ll do a short little write up on “Judgement Day” (the race between Chris Miller and Tony Palo) in the near future. That is, if you guys aren’t sick of already reading all about it.

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