Cars, Girls and a Bit Inbetween


My names Jake Roberts, a true automobile enthusiast. And though I tend to favor Honda’s, I recognize that all cars have potential. But this isn’t just about the vehicles and manufactures, it’s about the people, the sport, events, advancements in technology and this crazy lifestyle we love to live; along with my life being involved within it. I am not limiting myself to be just an automotive BlogSite; You will find things from sexy women, my home in the upper left, my friends…to my music of the day. And whatever else that may happen to strike my interest. But mainly, things will remain auto and women related. I’m certain many of you will enjoy that…

I wanted to start this blog to challenge myself and hopefully surprise myself with the outcome. I’ve pondered the thought of starting a blog for a while now, but it wasn’t until a recent event that made me take initiative.
A few weeks ago, early June 2011, my roommate decided to take back his internet box that he was letting me use for my X-Box. He needed it back because apparently, his WOW (World of Warcraft) was running slow and the box would speed things up. Fag, I know. With that internet box being gone, that meant no more Forza, Call of Duty and Netflix for me. Which really limited my at home activities to just the computer. Haha. After a few weeks passed, I was no longer occupied just browsing the web. Which lead to the beginning of this site. So if the site turns out well, I guess you have my roommate, Alex Holden to thank. Haha.
I want to bring what I feel are “all things man,” to the table. And provide you with some quality entertainment. I hope you enjoy what you see. And if you feel you know of something worthy of being posted, let me know.

With all that being said, welcome to The Bible for Man.

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