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Rusted Bucket

Who would have known that you could feel like such a boss in a rusted bucket?




Body Kits Acceptable Again?

To me they are. Why? BecauseRacecar. And honestly, do whatever the hell you want to YOUR car. You build a car for yourself and no one else. If it’s not there cup of tea, so be it. That’s life.

Phoenix Yellow Integra Type R sporting a full C West body kit and J’s Racing GT wing, on some Mugen MF10’s. I love this look. And MF10’s will never go out of style. Neither will function. *cough *cough hella flush.

But if body kits just simply are not for you; here’s another PY ITR

EDM front bumper is sex. Also on MF10’s, with a Mugen gen 1 wing. And what about those rare factory yellow Recaro’s! Oof!


Love at First Site

I’ll take this over a girl any day.
When I turned 16, my Aunt and Uncle got me a birthday card that had a car on it; the card said something along the lines of they wish they could have got me that instead of the cash. haha. Me too. But after reading it aloud to the family, everyone proceeded to ask me if I would rather have a car or a girlfriend, and I told them a car because it’s never going to cheat on me. haha I don’t think that will ever change in life for me.

 ’67-69 Camaro SS