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Community: A group of people with a common interest, that stand by one another. At least, that’s what it is to me. And I hate to see it, and even worse, say it; but the import “community” is in a downward spiral. We are all car enthusiast; that is one thing that we all undoubtedly have in common. And that alone, should bring us together. I always see on the forums, blogs and other online websites, people bashing on one another. It’s a constant battle to stick up for what you like/believe. Which is good, but bashing on someones car because it isn’t up to “par” with YOUR standards, is very low. I have stated before and will continue to state, that you build a car for yourself, (hopefully) and not for the approval of others. As, it is your car, your build, your imagination. Whether the vehicle be too low with way to of an aggressive fitment to go anywhere, a Honda Civic with a “body kit,” a beat to hell daily driven drift car, or a car with replica parts; we are all car enthusiast and we all share the same love and passion. This brings me back to when I was attending a technical college to be an automotive technician. There was a vast amount of different people attending the school. From ethnicity’s to backgrounds, it was all new to me. A younger me would have gave not the slightest acknowledgment to someone that I judged so abruptly  and could “tell” right off the bat that they were someone that I had no desire to be friends with. But now, I am older with an open mind. I met some of the most amazing people when I was attending school, people I thought I would never be friends with. I never thought I would care to hang out with a guy twice my age, or some “redneck.” But in actuality, I don’t know them cause I never gave them a chance, they could be the most incredibly awesomest person ever. During my lunch breaks at school, I remember the taco truck out in the parking lot and everyone surrounding it to eat their lunch; and I can remember talking to whoever I happen to be in line next to every day and getting along great with them. What brought us all together there, was our passion for automobiles and that sole thing made us get along. I guess what I’m ranting about is respecting one another. Not hating on someones car just because it isn’t what you would like to see. As a community, we need to be strong and set an example for everyone else, show others, that we are more than just “ricers” and we don’t plan on going anywhere. It’s all love for the trailer queen show cars, full blown track cars, daily driven streeters or whatever may be your thing. It’s something that I miss seeing. I posted this because the other day on my way home from work, a guy in an Evo gave me a thumbs up on the freeway and I drive a Honda. I normally get a lot of hate from evo/sti owners so I was happy to see a mutual respect. I of course returned him with a thumbs up back and a smile.

Let’s stick  together and keep our car culture growing.



Look how cool he makes not having flush fitment look. Function FTW!!